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Moon Peach Cat-Eye

€1695 EUR

The Moon Peach Cat-Eye is a unique eye-catching accessory for any look. This natural cat-eye moon-shaped donut charm adds a playful pop of color to any bracelet or hoop. It is a versatile accessory, made to fit all hoops, and when combined with a mini donut charm, it transforms your outfit into a celebration.

Size: Diameter is 20mm and the hole is 5mm. 
Material: Cat-Eye

All Donuts are sold individually. 

“I want you to shine your light”

The peach Cat-Eye, a gemstone known for its qualities of positivity and charm, is believed to radiate a warm and vibrant energy. This gemstone is associated with joy, enthusiasm, and good luck, making it a wonderful companion for those who seek to infuse their lives with positivity and brightness.

Zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius