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    Flying Dutchies

    Flying Dutchies

    Discover the personalised 18k Diamond Shaker Collection: 
    We call them; 'Flying Dutchy Diamond Shakers.' 
    To capture meaningful moments or to surprise your loved ones. Every 'Flying Dutchy' represents a special moment or person. Let us know how many 'Flying Dutchies' you want us to lock inside, and what gem type you wish for; Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby or Diamond. 
    We make the Flying Dutchy Diamond Shaker entirely to your wishes. 

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      Our Story

      Our Story

      With a fine eye for detail, CarlieV travels the world to hunt for treasures. Every little part is carefully selected as it must match her imagination. Hand-crafted figures, pieces and precious materials of only the highest quality will be processed to create the most feminine statement pieces. CarlieV is convinced that a woman who believes she is beautiful really is beautiful, and that through this she can make every dream come true. The statement pieces with colorful creatures and figures must contribute to the uniqueness and self-assurance of every woman.

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