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Donut Medi Unakite

€1395 EUR

Donut Medi Unakite is a classic charm that will add a bit of colour to any look. It can be worn many ways, on a bracelet or with your fav Hoop Earrings. Mix and match with your favorite donuts. Crafted from Unakite gemstone, this charm is perfect adding a classic touch to your everyday style. Colors vary from green and pink colors, making each charm unique.

Size: Diameter is 13mm and the inner diameter is approx. 5 mm. 
Material: Unakite 

All Donuts are sold individually.


"I help you manifest your desires"

Unakite is thought to facilitate the manifestation of dreams and goals, encouraging individuals to bring their aspirations into reality. Its harmonizing energy not only helps in the release of past emotional wounds but also empowers individuals to manifest their deepest desires with clarity and intention. Unakite, with its nurturing and transformative qualities, is a trusted ally for those seeking to manifest positive changes and abundance in their lives.

Zodiac: Scorpio