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Donut Medi Opal

€1395 EUR

The Donut Medi Opal is a playful charm that will add a sprinkle of magic to your style. It can be worn in various ways, whether on a bracelet or paired with your favorite Hoop Earrings. Mix and mingle with your go-to donuts, or simply add a dash of charm to your everyday look. 

Size: Diameter is 13mm and the inner diameter is approx. 5 mm. 
Material: Opal

All Donuts are sold individually.

“Nothing is impossible”

Opal, a gemstone entwined with inspiration and creativity, is revered for kindling imagination. This mystical stone is thought to ignite originality, fostering self-expression. As a conduit of artistic energy, Opal captivates with its ability to inspire and enhance the creative spirit, making it a cherished gem of boundless possibilities.

Zodiac: Libra, scorpio, pisces