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Donut Heart Red Stone

€1695 EUR

Donut Heart Red Stone is a classic charm that will add a bit of colour to any look. It can be worn many ways, on a bracelet or with your fav Hoop Earrings. Mix and match with your favorite donuts. Crafted from redstone, this red charm is perfect adding a classic touch to your everyday style.

Size: Diameter is 13mm and the inner diameter is approx. 5 mm. 
Material: Red Stone

All Donuts are sold individually.


"Romance is coming your way"

This gemstone is thought to enhance one's charisma and draw romantic love into their life. Its warm, grounding energy is said to ignite passion and strengthen emotional connections, making it an ideal companion for those looking to kindle the flames of romance and build lasting relationships. With this Redstone in hand, you're ready to manifest love and kindle the fires of passion.

Zodiac: Gemini