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Ever since she was a little girl, Carlie had a knack for designing jewelry. She would regularly tag along on trips to the local bead store with her grandmother, who got her into the hobby of stringing beads and home-made jewelry. Together, they would spend hours skimming through hundreds of beads, perfectly color-coded and carefully sorted into boxes and drawers according to size and shape.

But a hobby quickly turned into a passion, likely inherited from Carlie’s father. He had always been interested in precious gemstones and their origins and collected them from all over the world.

“My dad used to spend hours sorting and searching for gemstones to match his imagination. Once found, he sketched out his own designs and had the gemstones made into custom jewelry for my mother.”

When Carlie grew up, she put all of her energy in education and graduated in international business. Though proud of her achievements, she found a creative component was lacking, so she decided to take additional courses in fashion.

“This choice made me realize that combining the two, being an entrepreneur and being free to express all of my creativity, would make me happiest.”

Carlie has now turned her passion into business, offering beautiful, exclusive jewelry, each conceived and assembled by hand in her Amsterdam Atelier.