The Dutchy Shaker Small
The Dutchy Shaker Small

The Dutchy Shaker Small

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Product Description:

The Dutchy Shaker Small is made of 14k Solid Gold and high quality crystal sapphire glass. The pendant is designed for framing memories to capture meaningful moments or to surprise your loved ones. Combine all kinds of Flying Dutchy Charms and personalize it entirely up to your wishes. Each tiny Flying Dutchy Charm represents a special moment or person. The Dutchy Shaker Pendant comes with or without chain. 



  • 14k Solid Gold  
  • Size S: dia 17.5 mm 
  • Thickness 3mm
  • Glass Type: High quality sapphire crystal glass

Optional Chain: 

  • 14k Solid Gold
  • Adjustable lengte ca. 41 - 46 cm
  • Thickness 1mm